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What does the purchase process entail?

What Does The Purchase Process Entail?

What does the purchase process entail?

View the housing locator and lot map for the available offer. Registration is done digitally via your Greenville account. It is also possible to contact the brokers directly.

One of Greenville’s brokers will contact you and will invite you to an option meeting. During this meeting you will receive additional information about the building number and the project. The broker will take this information with you and explain the different possibilities (options). Are you still interested in the property? Then you get an ‘option’ on the house. The house is now “reserved” for you. Usually the broker provides an option of about a week. So you have enough time to go through all the information and determine whether this property really is your dream home.

Tip: It is useful to prepare a list with any questions prior to the interview with the broker. This way you can be sure that everything that matters to you is actually covered.

Are you sure this is the right property for you? Is everything clear and are all your questions answered? Then you make an appointment with the broker to sign the purchase / contracting agreement (KAO). You will also receive the Buyer’s folder containing all drawings and additional information about your home and the project.


From this moment on, the buyer supervisor will be the point of contact until the completion of your home. The buyer’s supervisor takes the building process with you, makes an inventory of your living requirements and looks at the possibilities together with you. Do you want to have extra sockets or a wall dropped? Together with the buyer supervisor, you map out all these wishes. The buyer’s supervisor then ensures that you receive the quotations for the individual additional / less work you have selected (the collective name for all available options).


dream home and a bathroom belong to your taste at a dream home. Do you go for a sleek, modern kitchen or do you like a rural atmosphere? Do you opt for a practical bathroom with walk-in shower or do you dream of a luxurious bath for years? To determine this you visit the showrooms.


When do I apply for my mortgage? As soon as almost all conditions precedent have been met and we have an overview of when the construction can start, you will receive from Heijmans the registered letter “Commencement date reservation funding”. This is the moment when your financial reservation starts. You are now going to complete your mortgage! You sign the mortgage deed yourself during the transport at the notary. (See also point 7.)


This is the day on which the house officially belongs to you. You then sign the deed of delivery and the mortgage deed at the notary. By signing the deed of delivery the ownership of the property will be transferred from Heijmans to you, the buyer. By signing the mortgage deed you give the mortgage lender your home as collateral, in exchange for the loan


Construction is now officially started. A festive moment! One for which we invite you and your new neighbors to the construction site. During this ‘start construction event’, the first scoop enters the ground symbolically. And because good neighbor contact is very important, we provide a pleasant drink so that you can get to know each other in an informal way.


We can imagine that you would like to see the progress of the construction of your own home with your own eyes. That is why we organize special viewing moments at the construction site during the construction. During the visit to the building site you not only see your own home, but at the same time it is a perfect opportunity to get to know your new neighbors (better).


For the mantelpiece of your home you will receive an invitation with a chimney form. Approximately 10 days before completion, you will walk through the house. You check whether your home is in order. Check also whether your individual living requirements (the more / less work) have been done neatly and according to agreement. Do you encounter issues that are not right? Then indicate this on the received chimney form. You will return this form afterwards. In this way, any defects can often be remedied before delivery.


As soon as the house is completely finished, the delivery takes place. On this day you walk along with the supervisor through the house and check whether all work has been completed as agreed. During the delivery, the supervisor draws up the official report of completion: a document in which (possible) defects are recorded. Depending on the severity of the defect and delivery times, these defects are usually solved neatly within 3 weeks after completion. The key transfer takes place at the end of the delivery. The house is now completely yours!


Customer service portal After the delivery of your home, a maintenance period of three months applies. You can report any (hidden) shortcomings via the Customer Service Portal. You will receive the login details after delivery. You can also submit questions, compliments or complaints via the Customer Service Portal.


Although your home has now been completed, a lot of work still needs to be done. This includes installing floor coverings, hanging curtains, etc. You can then move in and will probably want to organize a huge house warming party. This will be a busy, exciting and enjoyable time, which will be followed by many years of pleasure. Heijmans hopes you thoroughly enjoy living in your new home!